Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No more purple cast!

Today was the big day my cast was cut off!!!!! Then it was up for xrays to see if my three pins could come out too..As you can see it was a little crazy looking.. I also want to tell everyone who says oh it doesnt hurt to have them out that they have never had them out lol!! It wasn't a lot of pain but it didnt feel great.. Now I am in a soft splint for 6weeks but the best part is I can scratch all i want =) Now i just need to take it easy and hopefully i will be back to normal soon..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hunter is One!!!!

My sweet baby boy is one today.. Its hard to think this time last year i was waiting to meet him for the first time.. When i look at my baby i cant imagine loving anyone more than him.. He is truly a gift from god!! We started his big day out by having his 12 month check up and he was doing good..

height 31 3/4 95%

weight 24 lbs 11oz 70%

head 47 1/2 81%
So as you can see he is going to be a big boy!! Then it was off to Target to get some sippy cups because no more bottle =( Then we got some lunch at Applebees.. It was a great day!! Happy Birthday to my big boy!! We love you..

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hunter's 1st birthday party!

This weekend we had Hunter's first birthday party!! It was so much fun to have all his family and friends there!! As you can see he had a great time from eating lunch to opening gifts and eating his cake!! Thank you to everyone it was so much fun and loves all his gifts..And yes mommy has let him play with them.. Its hard to think that on Wednesday my baby will be one where does the time go?? I love him so much!!