Thursday, February 28, 2008

A day with the boys

Today was a great day. First Ginger and the boys and I went to get some fabric for a project( more news on that to fallow) after which we met Ashley and her crew for lunch. I have to say that if you need birth control just go to the Chick Fila play area I think that will keep me from having kids for a while LOL! Then I was able to watch Spencer and Andrew during the afternoon. We had such a great time. We made some cookies and watched some movies. Around 5pm Spencer told me he was a little hungry and he needed some dinner so we made some mac & cheese as you can see it was a big hit. Then Lindsay and Daisy came over for dinner and a movie we had such a great time. I am so thankful for all the great family and friends I have.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Crazy Week!

We have had a busy week around our house. It seems like just when you think things are slowing down that's when you have more going on. On Sunday we got some great news Lindsay and Marshall are having a baby! I am so happy for them I cant wait to find out what they are having its so much fun to buy for babies. Then on Tuesday I took Oscar to get his nails clipped. I think we spend more money on him then anybody. As you can tell we left with a toy. Tonight we had the Sisters and Janet over for dinner it was really nice. As you can tell I am having trouble sleeping so I cleaned the house and am catching up on my Blog!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Girls Day

Ginger came met me at 10:45 and we were off. Our first stop was to get our hair cut. It was really nice to have someone cut my hair. I wont even say how long its been. Gingers hair cut turned out great and I really like mine I just hope Brandon likes it. Then we went out shopping lots to see but we didn't go overboard. Then it was off to Subway to pick up the food for tonight. We are having girls night and we made a little treat. I must say if you see the edible grass don't get it!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

A weekend full of birthdays first happy birthday to my brother Matt his birthday was yesterday the 8th. Today was Spencers birthday! I was happy to be able to have the day off work so I could go to his party. As you can see everyone had a great time. Later Addi came over to get her hair done for the Mr. LE. She is the date to one of the guys! I think it turned out great.

Friday, February 01, 2008

A BIG Project

I dont know what made me want to paint I guess I was just sick of the laundry room. So I started painting on Thursday and by the time Brandon got home it was a mess. Thankfully he was able to put me back on track. As you can see I think it turned out great.

Well so far I have made two hats and a half of a scarf. I am trying to work on them but I must say this is a lot harder than pillows and blackets.