Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Big Week!

What a big week its been around our house. First thank you so much to Leslie and Tonya. I got a new job this week. I cant wait to start. I will be working with Leslie! So thank you again I will start once I get back from Idaho! The same day I got my job Brandon brought home a new toy. A 99 Mustang GT. I asked him if I could drive it and you know what he said NO! We also had our party for softball which was a lot of fun. I am sad that we aren't playing anymore.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

June16th I turned the big 26! Brandon and I drove back from the mountains. When we got back he gave me my gift. A new purple coach bag with matching wallet. Everyone else was way to good to me with everything thank you so much. Mom sent me a Happy Birthday Dog! Then it was off to San Jose for dinner. Tiawanna got me a cake from Tiffany's which was so good! I think that everyone had a really good time.

Christmas in June!

On thursday Brandon and I set out for Pigeon Forge. We pulled in around lunch time. We meet up at the cabin which was great! We all had our own rooms and a great view. The second day we went to Dollywood. It was so much fun. I went on all the rides which is good for me. Brandon won Tanner a football!

Day three we went to the water park in the day. Which I didnt take any pictures I dont want to blind anyone. That night we went to the Dixie Stampede. I think that Brandon liked his food. You can only see chicken bones left!

The last day was a free day! We went into town with Tanner and Courtney. After walking around we went up on the chair lift that goes above the town.

We ended the night with the birthday dinner for the three girls. Later we saw the raccoon that had been getting into the trash and feed him some rice cakes. All and all it was a great time!