Thursday, November 30, 2006

Carson is here!

I have to say that Ginger is one of the strongest people I know. I hope that when I have kids I can be as strong as she is. I am so happy to have a new nephew Carson. He is just as cute as Spencer and Andrew.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Tonight was Halloween! Brandon and I went over to Johnny and Steph's house to help hand out candy. This year there were not as many kids as last year. Although Trish called me from work and it sounds like everyone was out there. We had fun and so did the dogs, you know they were there. I think Oscar barked the whole time making sure no kids would come up.

Johnny had made a little set up in front of the house it was really cool.

Spencer was a fireman. He just got done getting a wild bat named Oscar out of a burning house! Oh thank you Ginger for calling me a bout the costume. Oscar was a bat this year.

Ok so I am still not sure how to flip this so you will have to turn your head. Andrew was the cutest little puppy.