Friday, July 24, 2009

My trip home part one!

Lets see where should I start. I got home on the 17th and have been on the go. My Uncle Steve picked me up in Salt Lake City and we went to the zoo, which was fun but very hot!!! Then it was home to Pocatello. On saturday my mom and grandma and I went and picked up a few things for the baby and a few outfits for me. Then sunday mom and I went down to Utah to some shopping for the baby I am thinking that little Hunter might be a little spoiled!! On monday I was able to get together with my friend Amy from home who i out here for reunion, then off to lunch with Lindsay. As you can see I am doing a lot of eat while I am home. What can I say there are just somethings you have to have when you are in Idaho(fry sauce). The tuesday I got in the car and headed over to see my dads side of the family then after that on my way home I stopped to see my friends Bettie, Lance and their little girl. Wednesday mom took the day off and we went down to Logan. It was really fun she took me to The Blue Bird which is where my grandma went to eat when she was little and then she took my mom and now my mom took me. Today I started the day off right, hair cut and color! I love it its very different from what I have had but thats what I like. Thank you to Misty that was part of my baby gift. Then it was off to the baby shower. Thank you so much to Lindsay for having the shower and all my friends who came. It is so good to see everyone I wish I had more time to spend with everyone. Its hard not to see the people you love but once a year. Thank you to everyone Hunter and I love all his stuff. Now we just need him to be here so he can try it on!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a day!!

Friday mornings I get up and go clean Mrs. Jone's house. Well I went to my car and went to started the car and I looked back and found my back windshield was not doing so good to say the least. When I walked to the back I found what looks like someone had shoot it with a bee bee gun. People are so so nice aren't they! To say the least the it kinda but me in a down mood for the weekend =( Oh well you cant cry over broken glass right?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009