Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hunter's Second christmas

This Christmas has been a lot of fun with Hunter he is now getting into opening gifts and looking at the lights. We had a very busy season. We were able to go to lights with Shaun and Ginger and the boys and Tiawanna. Then that whole weekend we had family parties. Then mom and Matt got here a few days before Christmas as you can tell we had a good one. In fact Hunter opened two gifts and the crawled away saying bye bye i guess you could say opening isn't his thing =) We went over to Shaun and Gingers for a great breakfast and then came home to just relax. Our big surprise came the day after when we woke to a few inches of snow!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Crazy Hunter

Hunter, Matt and I went to KY for Thanksgiving. We had a great time but have to say i was sick of driving by the end. Hunter took a nap Thanksgiving morning and he got up with the worst bed head we had to give him a bath to get it under control. We had a great trip! Tonight I was making dinner and I could hear Hunter playing with his toys so I went in to see what he was doing and he was sitting in one of his toys and playing with the other =)