Monday, August 16, 2010

9 months and family pictures!

Well its crazy to say but Hunter is now 9 months old.. He is waving bye bye to everyone and now saying mama.. He is still working on crawling but getting there.. We are down to wearing the helmet at night now.. He is just getting to be such a big boy.. We had our pictures taken by Melissa they turned out great here are just a few..

Sunday, August 01, 2010

My baby Hunter!!

I wanted to take a minute just to tell you about what an amazing baby I have.. Brandon has told me that sometimes I have a very negative attitude and I really have to say that last few months I think he is right.. I have let Hunter's things with his neck and helmet stuff get me down never once really stopping to realize what a amazing person he is.. Hunter has been sleeping through the night from 9 till at least 7am since he was 3months old.. Hunter has a tooth coming in and really hasn't been that fussy about it.. He has now learned how to wave bye bye.. He holds his own bottle when you give it to him.. Best of all he knows when Brandon and I are in a room and loves us so much.. Its very easy to get pulled down by negative things in our lives and take all the good things and push them to the side I am going to live my life the best I can and not take one minute for granted with Brandon and Hunter I love them both some much!!