Monday, June 18, 2007

The big 25!

June 16th I turned the big 25! That night everybody came over for pizza and cake. As you can see on the left Ginger made me a special cake. I must say that is the coolest cake I have had thank you. Also thank you to everyone who came I had a great birthday!

2,000 FT

After all the fun was over at Disney Brandon want to go have his own fun at Daytona Beach. As you can see he joined the 2,000ft club while mom and I held down the beach.

Magic Kingdom

On the second day at Disney we went to the Magic Kingdom. It was so much fun although there were so many people. You can see that we still had a lot of fun.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Today was our first day at the park. We went to Epcot today. It was so much fun!

Mickey and Minnie came out right before the park opened and that was the only time we saw them.

Tonya I hate to tell you but even at the park we saw a lizard!
You can also see that Brandon was doing what he does best...talking on the phone!

An after lunch treat. A chocolate covered rice crispy treat. Mom told me that in the Magic Kingdom there are no points! I thought that sounded right to me.

We found some hats to try on

Sunday, June 10, 2007

First day in Florida!

Well we made it down here! We got to the hotel at about 11:30. After checking in we went over to Disney down town and walked around. But first we took care of something important..lunch. We went to the Rain Forest Cafe. It was really cool. After walking around there we went over to Universal to walk around. You will see that we got a little wet but thank you to the gift shop we had some ponchos!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

On our way to Disney!

Today we left for Disney! We stopped in Savannah to have dinner. My grandma loves Paula Deen on the cooking channel and she has a restaurant there so we stopped but they were booked until tomorrow. We were able to buy something for grandma. Then we walked down and ate at a really good place. Mom and Brandon had fish and I had pizza! Tonight we stopped at Brunswick,Ga only 3 more hours and we will be at Disney.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Williamsburg, VA

Well lets see for a change lots has been going on. My mom got here on Wednesday night. Her flight was a little or lot late so we didn't get home until 12! Never the less that didn't stop us from getting up at 5am to go to Williamsburg, VA. We are back to making baskets. As you can see I made a stop at the bathroom first and thought that was really cute so I took a picture.

As you can tell mom knows what she is doing when it comes to making a basket!

However, you can see by the look on this guys face I don't.

After we got done making our baskets we took a bus to downtown As you can see it was very pretty down there.

I had to have one of the cool cups that everyone had. So I went up and ordered my drink and mom got one too. When they told us the total was $26 we both said how much?!? Oh the cups are $11 but just wait you can refill them all day today until 6pm( oh we got them at 5:50), and if you come back in 2007 you can also refill them. So if anyone is going that way let me know I have a bottomless cup!

We had a great trip! We had to go back and look at the baskets one last time. Now tomorrow night we are headed off to Disney!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What is that!

Well we no longer have a mustang. Think that you can now say we are red necks. i guess I should have told Brandon that when I didnt want the mustang I also didnt want a monster truck!