Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Church Service Projects!

Tonight we started a new service project. We are making hats, scarves, and some pillows for the shelters in the area. Thanks to sister Polly I learned how to start a scarf maybe by next week I will have one done. If nothing else we know I can make a pillow. I have to say a big thanks to Sister Polly she has been the best teacher.

Hope Chest!

Well I am making another deposit into the hope chest. These Robeez came into work and they are so cute!! I guess if we have a little boy he isn't going to be happy. This last week has been a busy one. I helped Ginger start to paint Brandon's its looking good. This week is off to a good start I scored a goal last night and we won both our games. If anyone wants to come I think all our games are at 7pm the rest of the season.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


When Brandon and I went to go to bed we looked outside and there was snow everywhere! We went out and took a drive to check it out .