Sunday, April 25, 2010

My new helmet and Brandon..

This friday it was time to get Hunter's helmet.. I have to say it was a little sad.. When we got there he was sleeping and by the time we left he was doing the same.. He will slowly work up to wearing his helmet 23 hours a day.. He looks ok with it on but he isnt happy about it.. On friday night he got up and was not happy well by sunday morning he had a temp so it was off to the dr we went and little man has a bad ear infection.. This week Brandon also went in for his surgery on his ankle.. When they went in his one bone was really shattered rather than just one break.. So 1 plate and 7 screws later he is back together again.. Now one more week and he will have a walking boot...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hunters Casting!!

What a day!! Hunter went today to be casted for his helmet..As you can see it wasnt his favorite thing that he has done.. He was pretty good I thought for everything they did.. Now we wait until next friday and we will get fitted for the final helmet and the 3-6 months later we hope his head is better =) The fun didnt end there we went to Brandon softball game tonight and he was covering home and a guy ran into him and broke his ankle which put us in the ER at 9pm until a little after 11 and tomorrow we will have to go get a cast does the fun ever stop!! I guess it was a day for casts for my boys next time can you do something else for you father son activity??

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter Sunday

Hunter had a great first Easter! We got up and he had a little breakfast and then it was time to see what the Easter bunny brought.. Hunter made out pretty good as you can see.. He got some shoes for summer, books and some sun glasses =)

We watched general conference and then it was up to the Grandparents..We had a great dinner and it was nice to be with the family.. We had fun riding on the golf chart and of course there was an Easter egg hunt.. It was a great Easter!!